Alliyah Franklin
Hi! My name is Alliyah. I am a User Experience Designer and soon to be graduate from Kennesaw State University this spring. Words cannot describe the excitement that I have for this next chapter in my life. I am ready to officially join the working world and pursue my passions full-time! I wish to one day work in a non-traditional creative space that have a specific focus on curating unique experiences that highlight and uplift people of color.

Feel free to contact me on Linkedin or by email!
A few fun facts about me:
-  I am a really curious person who often find themselves on    researching binges on arbitrary topics. (usually happens    around midnight)
-  I am currently teaching myself Korean.
- I consider myself a forever student, there is always more to   learn. I enjoy learning about anything and everything.   Although I have a specific interest in mental health and
  self-care practices.
- I picked up photography as a new hobby and I now   consider myself a photographer.